Subject Re: [IBO] Store an Restore a file from a BLOB field
Author skander_sp
I solver the problem finally

Really the matter it VERY strange...

I'm doing well, but not going so well.

The problem was the blob definition (really I don't know WHY)
I defined the blob field as BLOB type 2 (I think the type is not
important if I worj myself the field)
I changed the type to 0 (text, but I really wotj with bynary) but now
all work fine.

Tks to all for the help!

--- In, Svein Erling Tysvær
<svein.erling.tysvaer@k...> wrote:
> You probably know this already, but once Firebird has allocated space
> in a file, it doesn't normally give that space back to the file
> system. Hence, if you have one database and delete some records, then
> Firebird keeps that empty space for reuse. When inserting new records,
> the file size will not increase at all until it really needs more
> space (also, I don't think the file size increases with the size of
> one record at a time).
> Just a note in case you believed you could simply look at the file
> size of the database,
> Set