Subject IB_Grid double-click on first row problem
Author Bob Zirbel

I'm not sure you saw my reply to an earlier thread. It got hijacked
by another thread!

I have just upgraded to V4.5Ai and I have discovered that the
IB_Grid's OnDblClick event no longer fires on the first row if
IndicateRow is false. It is very easy to duplicate.

Unfortunately, because I am drawing all of the data in the grid, I
can't have IndicateRow set to true.

I would appreciate it if you could give me an indication of when you
might be able to issue a fix (even a temporary one). I need to
decide urgently whether to revert back to the previous version of
IBO (a lot of work as I have converted all the IB_Image components
to IB_JPEGImage) or wait for the fix.

Thanks for your help.