Subject Fields trimming at connection level default
Author Marco Menardi
Hi, I'm using IBO 4.3A. Today I've discovered a customer of mine has
inserted data with heading blanks. I would like IBO to trim both sides
of the fields by default, and I would like to set it as the default
behaviour "globally" (so at TIB_Connection level).
In TIB_Connection I've found the "DefaultNoTrimming" property (that
I've already to False), that is for the trailing spaces, AFAIU. I have
the "FieldsTrimming" property, but even if I've set the
"FieldEntryType" as "fetDomainName", I've a lot of domains to enter
here with domain_name=BOTH, and I could forget to do so with future
added domains.
Wouldn't be great having, instead of DefaultNoTrimming (or in addition
to it), a DefaultTrimming property like the field property? (I mean,
with None, All, Both, Left, Right, Sentence).
Marco Menardi
btw, Jason, I've sent you a mail (date 2004-12-28) asking for the new
location of IBO sources for testers and subscribers. In the near
future I'll have more time to try 4.5, so I need it soon, please :) Thanks