Subject IB_Grid and Enhanced controls
Author dmarmur2002
Since 4.5Ai I have a strange problem. If a grid does not currently
have focus and I click on the grid the current row (correct column)
gets the editor.

This is utterly frustrating for my users, they are complaining heavily :)

This only happens with the Enhance controls (embedded), not with the
IBO controls embedded.

To reproduce I drop Connection, IB_Query and IB_Datasource and two
grids on a form. I populate the first grid with IB_Edits and the
second with IB_EditEnh controls and connect to a column each. Then I
click around and the problem shows. When the first grid has the focus
on, say row 5, and I click row 1 in the second grid the datasource
stay on grid 5. If I click again on row 1 the current row changes. Now
i click the first grid on, say row 1, and the current row immediately
changes to row 1.

I have traced so far as to TIB_CustomGrid.AcquireFocus where the
return value becomes true for IB_Edits and false for IB_EditEnh's.
Beyond that I cannot seem to entangle whats happening.

This did not happen before 4.5.

Any ideas?

Thank you all,