Subject RE: [IBO] Re: IB_DateTimePicker and Nulls
Author Alan McDonald
> Sorry if this is a duplicate post. I tried earlier, but it did not
> seem to post.
> I think you can get what you want with the "ShowCheckbox" property.
> When checked, a null date has and unchecked checkbox and a dimmed
> date. When the underlying table has a valid date the checkbox is
> checked and the date is normal color.
> When you want to toggle from a null date, you just check the
> checkbox.
> Rick

thanks - I always seemed to have other problems with the checkbox being
visible i.e. the biggest problem was having to constantly explain to users
what the dam thing was for :-) Noone can understand how you can have an
invalid date from a date picker.
And I'm sure you have never tried to explain to end-users about how null is
a state and not a value.
Anyway - I've fixed it another way.