Subject RE: [IBO] Package Build Errors
Author Alan McDonald
> At 11:01 AM 4/01/2005 +1100, you wrote:
> >When I try a "Build with {ackages build I get these errors
> >[Error] Packages 'IBO40CRT' and 'IBO40CRT_D7' both contain unit
> 'IBO40CRT'
> >[Error] Packages 'IBO40CRT' and 'IBO40CRT_D7' both contain unit
> >'IB_StatementSource'
> >etc.
> >Does anyone know how to set it up so I don't?
> IBO40CRT shouldn't be in the picture at all. For current IBO
> versions, it
> belongs to Delphi 2005. For older IBO versions (4.2xxxx) the
> *_D7 runtimes
> shouldn't be there, and the unadorned IBO40CRT would apply to Delphi 7.
> Have you got a run-time package definition somewhere that cites
> both? Multiple versions of the IBO runtimes in your path?
> What version of sources are you working with?
> Helen

I am running Version 4.2.Ib
The IBO40CRT package has
{$LIBSUFFIX '_D7'} in it so it's for D7 no?
It's the C for Controls, R for Runtime package .. NO?
All I did initially was check the Build with Packages option in Delphi and
it comes up with this error so it's trying to build this package, No?