Subject IBO and Midas 2
Author Eduardo Resek
On the same line of Austin's question, I have been working with Midas
and BDE (argh!) on an inherited app, and I am finally on the position to
convert it to something else. I am now testing dbExpress, IBX
components FIB+ and IBO. I use D5, some self made components inherited
from TClientDataset and TSocketConnection. My choice of access
components will replace BDE ones in a Remote DataModule. With BDE I used
to set TSession's property AutoSessionName to true, which worked well
witn Multi-instancing and Apartment Threading Model (at least, I vary
rarely had problems with this framework).

Now the questions:
There are 3 different connection components: TIB_Connection,
TIB_Database and TIBODatabase. Which of them should I use or it doesn't
matter? Almost the same holds for TIB_Transaction and TIBOTransaction
(The TIBOQuery seems to be compatible with any of the connections and
transactions above mentioned).

What kind of settings should I use in the choosen connection and
Transaction components (compatible with multi-instancing and apartment

Is a TIB_Session necessary at all? If yes what role will it play in
this scenario?

Thanks in advance,