Subject RE: [IBO] Sweepinterval...
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Alan
> Good advice, we were thinking of once a week as a good time to do
> it. We would keep a copy of the backup as an 'extra' backup
> above whatever our clients are doing. How do I check the restore
> is valid before I copy it cover.
> Rob Martin
> Software Engineer

The service I gave you will warn you if there is a restore error - it will
email you and/or SMS you is you wish.
Don't copy anything over.. my advice is always to rename files not copy.
if there is an active connection you don't know about, then copying can
corrupt the database.
renaming is always more atomic and will work if noone has the file open and
not work if they do.
there needs to be noone connected to the db from the time before the backup
starts to after the restored file is renamed to the original filename.