Subject Re: [IBO] Can't edit field after insert
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:56 PM 25/09/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Thanks for your rapid response.
>I've rechecked the query - and the column is not computed, set to
>read-only or similar.
>The underlying query is pretty straightforward:
>select b.countrydesc,
>from tsa_m_unit_cost a, cm_country b, tsa_m_cost_type c
>where a.countrycode = b.countrycode and
>a.costtype = c.costtype
>order by b.countrydesc, c.costtype

OK, this could be a bug, or some kind of scrambling or deficiency in the
KeyLinks. Something you could try instead is to
1) remove all the statements from the ***SQL properties
2) Set the KeyRelation property to TSA_M_UNIT_COST
3) Set RequestLive true

Note, this will only work if both your edit and your delete requirements
are also targeted at only TSA_M_UNIT_COST.