Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery - Insert Issue
Author johnnorthrup34
> Do you have any code in the Before Insert handler?

Yes, I do. The Default expression gets set here, nothing else. It

I also have code in after insert, but the program never gets there.

I'm looking into the other questions you asked.

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 12:10 AM 23/09/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >Q: What is the connection string?
> >A: Are you looking for the protocol or a property?
> In your connection object, either, what you have in the DatabaseName
> property or (preferably) what you have in the Server, Path and
> properties.
> >Q:When you say "attempts to insert a new record" what are you talking
> > about?
> >A: The user presses a button and in code I call MyIBOQuery.Insert;
> >
> >Q: Does it occur when a dataset goes into Insert mode
> >A: Yes, just after the code "Before Insert" executes
> Do you have any code in the Before Insert handler?
> >Q: Do you have GeneratorLinks set
> >A: No
> >
> >Q: service pack level is the Win2K machine on
> >A: The latest service pack has been applied
> "Latest" isn't always "best"; for example, SP3 broke my Firebird
> installation during the beta cycle and I reverted all my Win2K
machines to
> SP2. Since then, I believe SP4 broke some network-related things
too, that
> necessitated getting the tcpip.sys from SP2 (?) and overwriting the one
> that SP4 installed. It's off-topic for this list but if the Win2K
> persist, I suggest you do some searching on the MSDN bases.
> >Q: are you sure that you have the correct gds32.dll installed in
> > the system directory
> >
> >A: No, I'm not certain. Does the 1.5.1 install take care of this? Even
> >when upgrading from older versions?
> NO. Firebird 1.5.x isn't a patch, it's a totally new version. It's
> written in a different language (C++, not C) -- hence the problems with
> missing or old MS runtimes (msvcrt.dll and msvcp60.dll). The installer
> doesn't "upgrade" anything that was present in a previous IB or
> 1.0.x installation. That means a clean install is required, along with
> careful attention to compatibility issues, i.e. study the release notes
> carefully. Also study the patch release notes for v.1.5.1. Both
are PDF
> files in the \doc directory. There you will also find the readme for
> instclient.exe (README.Win32LibraryInstallation.txt).
> It's actually rather important for IBO, since IBO (by default)
expects the
> client library to be 1) named gds32.dll and 2) located in the execution
> path. So - check the build number in the version string on the
> sheet of the gds32.dll in your system directory (on the server and the
> clients) to make sure it is the same version as the fbserver.exe
> (Superserver) or fb_inet_server.exe (Classic) server that is running.
> In IBO's case, it is sufficient just to copy fbclient.dll from
> \bin directory and rename it to gds32.dll. If an old gds32.dll is
> loaded, you may need to do this with Windows running in Safe Mode.
> However, if you also need to run a tool built with IBX (e.g.
IBConsole) on
> the same machine, you have no choice but to build the "compatibility
> version" of gds32.dll using instclient.exe. Again, instclient.exe
won't be
> able to overwrite the library if it is already loaded, so reboot
before you
> run it.
> Helen