Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery - Insert Issue
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:10 AM 23/09/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Q: What is the connection string?
>A: Are you looking for the protocol or a property?

In your connection object, either, what you have in the DatabaseName
property or (preferably) what you have in the Server, Path and Protocol

>Q:When you say "attempts to insert a new record" what are you talking
> about?
>A: The user presses a button and in code I call MyIBOQuery.Insert;
>Q: Does it occur when a dataset goes into Insert mode
>A: Yes, just after the code "Before Insert" executes

Do you have any code in the Before Insert handler?

>Q: Do you have GeneratorLinks set
>A: No
>Q: service pack level is the Win2K machine on
>A: The latest service pack has been applied

"Latest" isn't always "best"; for example, SP3 broke my Firebird
installation during the beta cycle and I reverted all my Win2K machines to
SP2. Since then, I believe SP4 broke some network-related things too, that
necessitated getting the tcpip.sys from SP2 (?) and overwriting the one
that SP4 installed. It's off-topic for this list but if the Win2K problems
persist, I suggest you do some searching on the MSDN bases.

>Q: are you sure that you have the correct gds32.dll installed in
> the system directory
>A: No, I'm not certain. Does the 1.5.1 install take care of this? Even
>when upgrading from older versions?

NO. Firebird 1.5.x isn't a patch, it's a totally new version. It's even
written in a different language (C++, not C) -- hence the problems with
missing or old MS runtimes (msvcrt.dll and msvcp60.dll). The installer
doesn't "upgrade" anything that was present in a previous IB or Firebird
1.0.x installation. That means a clean install is required, along with
careful attention to compatibility issues, i.e. study the release notes
carefully. Also study the patch release notes for v.1.5.1. Both are PDF
files in the \doc directory. There you will also find the readme for
instclient.exe (README.Win32LibraryInstallation.txt).

It's actually rather important for IBO, since IBO (by default) expects the
client library to be 1) named gds32.dll and 2) located in the execution
path. So - check the build number in the version string on the property
sheet of the gds32.dll in your system directory (on the server and the
clients) to make sure it is the same version as the fbserver.exe
(Superserver) or fb_inet_server.exe (Classic) server that is running.

In IBO's case, it is sufficient just to copy fbclient.dll from Firebird's
\bin directory and rename it to gds32.dll. If an old gds32.dll is already
loaded, you may need to do this with Windows running in Safe Mode.

However, if you also need to run a tool built with IBX (e.g. IBConsole) on
the same machine, you have no choice but to build the "compatibility
version" of gds32.dll using instclient.exe. Again, instclient.exe won't be
able to overwrite the library if it is already loaded, so reboot before you
run it.