Subject Restoring the Firebird Security DB
Author jaguarius2003
Hope you guy don't mind the OT - I haven't got any response in the
firebird-support group and I have a deadline (2 days ago).

I wrote a procedure using the IBOAdmin components in delphi to back up
and restore both my program database as well as the security db. I
want to keep users if the system is reinstalled.

Now the backup is no problem, but I cant restore the security db
becuase firebird 1.5+ is constantly connected to it. I've searched the
web and have not found an answer to this, is there a simple way to
suspend the connection of firebird to its security db so I can restore
my copy? This needs to be automated so manually disabling firebird is
not an option.

I think many of you must have come across this issue, so if anyone
could help it would be greatly appreciated.


Jason S. Gagnon