Subject Problem with TIBOQuery and TIB_Query
Author Daniel Rail

First, I'm using IBO 4.2Ie with D7, and FB 1.5.1. And, the database
was created with FB 1.5.1.

I'm having some weird problems with TIBOQuery and TIB_Query, but not
with TIB_Cursor. I have a query that references only one table and
that table has a primary key. The problem is that the DB_KEY field
gets included in the result set, although I have a primary key on the
table. The odd part is that this doesn't happen with TIB_Cursor. And,
the DELETE and UPDATE statements are generated properly via the IDE
editor, and they are referencing the primary key that is defined in
the database.

It's just that the presence of the DB_KEY field is causing some
headaches. Probably, all I want to know if this odd behavior is not
present with the latest version of IBO, and that everything is working

Daniel Rail
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