Subject Modifying & Recompiling IBO dpk's
Author robert_p_levy

I am trying to make changes to and to recompile the RPL_meta code for
testing purposes but for some reason the changes are not showing up
in the use of the component in my test program. I am using Delphi 5
and though it seems to let me recompile the component source, the
changes do not seem to succesfully show up when I test the component.
Here is what I tried:
step 1. Loaded IBRPL....dpk Delphi package.
step 2. Edited the file dmScripts (in this case to put a ShowMessage
on MacroSubstitute event)
step 3. Compiled and Saved project including Meta object etc..
step 4. Closed and reopened Delphi IDE.
step 5. In the test project, deleted component and readded it.
Ran this and no changes I made in the source appeared. ??

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!