Subject Re: [IBO] Dataset refresh
Author radevojvodic
It's not that complicated at all.

First step is to set up "After" triggers in the database. In every
trigger you should post event with POST_EVENT directive. That is
well documented in Interbase documentation. In your application you
should place IB_Events. In form's OnCreate event you should do
IB_Events.Register (maybe the name of method is not right but code
completion will take care of that). In the IB_Event you can register
up to 16 events (Interbase Limitation). In a IB_Event.OnAlert (or
something like that) you can put TIBOTable.Refresh and that's it.
In form's Close event you put IB_Events.Unregister and everything
should work.

Hope this helps.

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> Hi
> That sounds like an interesting solution and may be similar to
what the BDE was automating for us (with LocalShare = True). I will
look at implementing this ASAP. Just as soon as I work out how to
do all this event stuff :)
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> Hi Rob,
> There is a easy way you can do this. You just need to set an
> AfterInsert and AfterEdit trigger which will do POST_EVENT
> (POST_EVENT 'ItemChanged') and you should set IB_EventAlerter
> register that event on Invoice form then every change in Item
> will be captured. In the event alerter component you could set
> OnEvent method to do Invoice.Refresh.
> It should work even in multi-user enviroment.
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