Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Events failing to fire
Author Anthony Ison
Hi Florian,

Thanks for your response.

> > This particular site is running Win XP Home SP1. I have a
> > reasonable amount of freedom for testing over the next day or two.
> > Once again, I am sure I have run into this situation due to some
> > changes in my code,
> > but I can't identify that change right now.
> > Does anyone have any thoughts on why an IB_Event would stop firing
> > (when Registered = true)?
> Is it the server who stops sending the events or is it the client who
> stops properly receiving/handling them. You could write a simple
> program which only receives the events and logs them into a textfile,
> just to further narrow down the problem. I take it that you are aware
> of the problem some of us had with W2K SP4. Apparenty MS changed
> something on their TCP handling so that events didn't reach the
> clients anymore. A QaD fix was to use the TCPIP.SYS of SP3 instead.

I believe it is the client that stops listening, because I can restart
the client and have it listen for a short time. If the server stopped
sending, restarting the client should have no effect.

I was not aware of the problem with W2K SP4. It is likely that the lane
is running this release. I would like to try the TCPIP.SYS fix on this
site. On another site, we are using TCPIP.SYS version 5.0.2195.6706. So
what version should I be using? Any idea where I can get that from?