Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Events failing to fire
Author Anthony Ison
Just thought I'd give an update... Events are still not firing. The
OnAlert event is wrapped in a try..except block that logs all exceptions
and doesn't raise. The first task of the OnAlert event is to log the
name of the event caught.

For a few minutes, events are being fired. Within about 5 minutes, they
stop altogether. I know for sure the events should still be firing. If
the client is restarted the events will again be received for a few
minutes and then stop... I have checked the value of
evtServer.Registered and it is true so the events are apparently not
being switched off, just failing to fire the event...

This particular site is running Win XP Home SP1. I have a reasonable
amount of freedom for testing over the next day or two. Once again, I
am sure I have run into this situation due to some changes in my code,
but I can't identify that change right now.

My next step is to install Ethereal on that machine and try to monitor
the network traffic to the server. I am not sure if this info will be
useful to me, but am hoping it reveals something strange.

Does anyone have any thoughts on why an IB_Event would stop firing (when
Registered = true)?

Thanks in advance.