Subject RE: [IBO] Dataset refresh
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Alan
> Its not a commit or transaction issue as I am using IBO (as
> opposed to IB_) components to speed conversion (it is a very
> large app). Just now I was in the invoice screen, opened the
> client management screen and added a new client, went back to the
> invoice screen and selected the client from a combo. This works
> great, however if I do the same with item price (and likely other
> areas), when I add the item to the invoice it does not show.
> Perhaps the Combos are doing a refresh before they locate?
> Commit
> Rob Martin
> Software Engineer

I re-read your postings - this is what I can summarise:
you are converting a dbase/bde app
using IBO (TDataset) components
all screens have their own datamodule/query components

I have to assume that you never used commit in your previous app - it only
used the default "post" method either explicitly by you or via the normal
edit/post action.

what's not clear is what you have done with your transactions - I imagine
you are relying on the default transaction in your IBOConnection component.
I don't know if you have played around with the transaction isolation