Subject RE: [IBO] Dataset refresh
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi Allan
> No we didn't use the same data source for the screens. Screens
> are fully independent, with their own datamodule and table
> components. Our app certainly used to pick up changes.
> Rob Martin
> Software Engineer

you're obviously testing my memory a little here... many years since I used
dbase files in anger..
I can't help feeling that you must be posting your changes though - as I
remember the Next method in dbase/bde did an auto post of the record after
that writes the chagne to disk... you'd still need to do something to the
other screen to get it to re-read the file.. even scrolling the records
would force this... but just leaving the screen untouched would not refresh
the records. Something has to ask the app and the bde to re-read the disk.