Subject Re: [IBO] Dataset refresh
Author Robert martin
Hi Allan

No we didn't use the same data source for the screens. Screens are fully independent, with their own datamodule and table components. Our app certainly used to pick up changes.

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From: Alan McDonald
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 1:13 PM
Subject: RE: [IBO] Dataset refresh

> Hi All
> We have an application that has multiple screens open
> simultaneously. It has an invoice screen. If someone alters the
> price of an item using another screen while the invoice screen is
> open, the screen does not pick up the changes until closed and
> reopened. This is happening in a variety of places. Previously
> the application was Dbase / BDE and this was all handled for us.
> I know I could do refreshes in specific places but the code is
> large and we would surely miss some / cause other problems / slow
> performance. Is there a good / better way to simulate the old
> BDE behaviour? Am I missing something?
> Rob Martin
> Software Engineer

the only way for that to have been happening in the dbase/bde environment
was to have used the same datasource for both the invoice screen and the
invoice item edit screen. You can still do that if you wish - if you
haven't. If they are different datasources then refresh is the only way -
even in the old days.

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