Subject Re: [IBO] IB_QUERY, POST is taking long time, what am I doingwrong?
Author Chuck Belanger
Hi, Helen:

Thanks for looking at this. I just posted (before seeing this) your reply to my
FireBird support question. I considered that a generic issue and this to be
potentially an IBO issue. Am I wrong?

Also, I completely rewrote the routine I was using to do the ml_path update. This
is really a completely different problem (or is it?) Maybe its all about my
transaction set up?

The issue is simply trying to update a field in a record which may have a number
of children associated with it, which they too, need updating. I accomplished the
code to do that, but the simple fact of POSTing the changes of that first record
is way too slow. Again, can you forget what I wrote initially (in Firebird
support) for now and treat this as a separate issue? Simply, what can make a POST
of a single record slow?

The code I posted (in this IBO group) was only the first level of the update,
i.e. the actual node that was dragged and dropped in the tree. That code goes on
to check if the node has children, then calls a recursive routine to deal with
all the potential children. The slow POST issue is what's stopping me now.
Recursive updates when based on indexed fields are actually pretty fast, so this
"fix" should correct my original issue: rapid updates of a moved node's DB record
for the ml_path field.


Chuck Belanger

Helen Borrie wrote:

> Chuck,
> Perhaps you'd like to start by looking at my comments on the same problem
> that you posted in firebird-support. Then, decide whether you want to
> discuss it here or in support. I'm willing to engage, but not in two places.
> Helen
> At 03:55 PM 31/08/2004 -0700, you wrote:
> >Hello:
> >
> >I'm doing the following query to update a node that I'm moving in a tree
> >and the POST is really slow (about 5 seconds). What am I doing wrong?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Chuck Belanger
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