Subject Re: [IBO] FreeReport & IBO4
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:07 AM 26/08/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> > >If FreeReport is compiled with IBO support, it uses TIB_Column
> > >instead of TField. The problem is that TIB_Column does not have a
> > >DataSet property, and FreeReport's source has references like
> > >TIB_Column.DataSet.Active.
> > >
> > >What property does TIB_Column have instead of TField's DataSet?
> >
> > MyColumn.Statement
> >
> > >Can I substitute TField.DataSet.Active with some TIB_Column
> >
> > MyColumn.Statement.Active
> >
> > Helen
>Thank you.
>What about TField.DataSet.Open? It is MyColumn.Statement.???
>I tried to find in IBO help, TIB_Satement, but don't really have
>any idea.

All IB datasets are TIB_Statement descendants but, of course, not all
TIB_Statements are datasets. You Open datasets, not statements.

TIB_Cursor is a dataset - unidirectional, unbuffered. It has an Open
method which you should avoid, since it is redundant. Simply call First to
start fetching rows into TIB_Cursor.

TIB_Query is a bi-directional dataset (by default, but can be uni). I
guess if FastReport works much like QuickReport, it will want to work on
the whole dataset. If not...if it is buffering its output rows "on the
fly" and not needing to read the dataset buffer again, try TIB_Cursor.

Understand that IBO is highly object oriented and the help file is built to
take advantage of that. One of the most useful tools in the help file is
the green "Hierarchy" button in the help toolbar. It can show you where
everything came from and where one class stands in relation to another in
the hierarchy. It has live links to the help for any classes that were
introduced in IBO.