Subject Re: [IBO] FreeReport & IBO4
Author moczaz
> >If FreeReport is compiled with IBO support, it uses TIB_Column
> >instead of TField. The problem is that TIB_Column does not have a
> >DataSet property, and FreeReport's source has references like
> >TIB_Column.DataSet.Active.
> >
> >What property does TIB_Column have instead of TField's DataSet?
> MyColumn.Statement
> >Can I substitute TField.DataSet.Active with some TIB_Column
> MyColumn.Statement.Active
> Helen

Thank you.

What about TField.DataSet.Open? It is MyColumn.Statement.???
I tried to find in IBO help, TIB_Satement, but don't really have
any idea.

Many thanks.