Subject TIB_Cursor not returning correct result
Author sgharp
Hi All,

I have a strange problem that's got me stumped. I'm executing a
stored procedure that populates some fields in a table. Next, I'm
using a TIB_Cursor to query a numeric field in the table. The query
is returning a zero which is incorrect.

Now the kinky part. I can stop the debugger (breakpoint) as soon as
the query returns the zero and cut and paste the SQL statement into
IBExpert and execute it. The query executed in IBExpert returns
14.09 which is correct.

The stored procedure mentioned above empties the table and then
populates it with calculated values. It works fine and generates
the numbers correctly. I don't understand why the TIB_Cursor would
return a different result than IBExpert with exactly the same query
at the same point in time.

Thanks for any help,