Subject Re: [IBO] howto: do unicode with IBO and FB 1.5.1
Author Daniel Rail

At August 21, 2004, 06:24, mircostange wrote:

> Perhaps someone could answer my first questions, although not
> directly related to IBO:
> How to create database, how to put data into it?

At the present time, use the UNICODE_FSS character set to create a
UNICODE database. Or with Firebird, you can get another Unicode
character set from

> I haven't found a client (e.g. IBSQL, IBExpert, ...) that supports
> Unicode, so currently I cannot even do any tests.

> Furthermore:

> A quote from IBO release notes:
> "11/7/2003 Release 4.3 A
> [...]
> Changes in IB_Ledger.pas unit.
> Added user support for widestring/Unicode text.
> [...]"

> This means, that Ledger supports Unicode, but the rest of IBO
> doesn't?

Here's a component set that I found that might be useful to study.
And, it's free with full-source.

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