Subject QReport & IBObjects
Author moczaz

I tried to use the QReport components of Delphi 6 with IBObjects and
I found that I can't use TIB_Query but only TIBOQuery as the DataSet
of a TQuickRep.

I used TIB_Query components for all my queries (as I was not aware
what were the components under iboTDataset) and now I'd like to see
the result of my queries on reports.

My questions are:
- is there a way to use TIB_Query with QReports?
- if not, can I "import" my queries from a TIB_Query into a
- should I forget about QReport and use a different reporting tool?
I tried FreeReport but I bumped into the same problem. (I guess,
most of you are using ReportBuilder, but I need free tool.) What
should I use?

Any help appreciated.