Subject Re: [IBO] Is IBO suited for this ?
Author Peter
Hi Alain

I suggest you give it a try, I have never met any restrictions with the translation suite
and IBO so I suggest you give it a try with the free Tsilang trial components and try a
few things out.

I personally don't distribute by cd as I only have 1 trial client (albeit a big store chain).

In my case Firebird, IBO and Tsilang more than anything else has made my software
development possible within time / cost constraints I have to work within.
My client is very happy with the system and a large part of that is down to firebird being
so reliable and providing such a versatile interface to the stored data and providing a
translation interface that the customer can access.

Whatever your choice I think IBO and firebird is the best starting point, personally
Tsilang has worked for me but I'm sure there are others equally as good.



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