Subject Re: [IBO] "Quoted" TABLES
Author Lester Caine
Jason Wharton wrote:

> I just checked the code and it appears I allowed someone to put in a routine
> that simply strips off the quotes around TableName if they are there. Will
> whoever insisted on that change please step forward so we can discuss this?
> For now Lester, go ahead and comment out the call to
> CheckTableNameDialectCase() in IBODataset.pas.

Glad it's not just me ;)
For various reasons I don't want to rebuild any of the libraries just
yet, so I have replaced the problem names instead, but the next
generation system has all table names quoted ( for PHP reasons ), so
I'll have to think about it soon as some of the legacy stuff will still
be needed.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services