Subject Multiple auditable Series
Author cgar1136
Just see the "Maintaining an Auditable Series", great text from Jason
Wharton...but i have a question about the designing of a framwork of
a multiple series auditables...

I want to give to my users the privilege of can define the kind of
movements that can be managed of an "auditable" way... based in the
Jason's Technical Information Sheet i will need to can define a
diferent Generator for each kind of movement cause each one is
independent... By example, each kind of invoice defined by the user
should use a diferent sequence

How could i design this framework to can use this feature in my
application??? ... Helen told me that the idea of create generators
dinamically for this was a bad idea, so i would like to know wich
should be a good idea...

Thanx again, for all the answers that i've got in this forum...
gongrats to everybody... =:-)

Carlos G