Subject Re: [IBO] Problem-DSQL-with-singleton-select
Author Mihai Chezan
Thank you Stephan. I'll keep that in mind in future uses of TIB_DSQL.

--- In, "stephanmtb" <stephanmtb@y...>
> Mihai,
> I use TIB_DSQL a lot and just trap this error message in the OnError
> event along with many others I can handle. You can tell it not to
> raise the exception there if you are not trapping it somewhere else.
> It is best to not let the user see to many of these unfriendly
> messages if you can trap them and handle them. TIB_DSQL is thin and
> too great of component to be replaced by a TIBCursor if you don't
> need the buffering for many rows. I use it whenever possible but
> watch out for this error and the deadlock error 335544345 and any
> violations etc. but at the end of the OnError pass on any exceptions
> you don't handle. Don't get me wrong I use TIBCursor/Query whenever
> possible but I like the speed of TIB_DSQL especially for blobs.
> seems to be a steep learning cuvre for these components with all of
> the advanced features they have. But once you have an understanding
> of what to use where and when it becomes a little easier.
> Stephan Anderson