Subject Re: [IBO] Problem-DSQL-with-singleton-select
Author stephanmtb
I use TIB_DSQL a lot and just trap this error message in the OnError
event along with many others I can handle. You can tell it not to
raise the exception there if you are not trapping it somewhere else.
It is best to not let the user see to many of these unfriendly server
messages if you can trap them and handle them. TIB_DSQL is thin and
too great of component to be replaced by a TIBCursor if you don't
need the buffering for many rows. I use it whenever possible but just
watch out for this error and the deadlock error 335544345 and any key
violations etc. but at the end of the OnError pass on any exceptions
you don't handle. Don't get me wrong I use TIBCursor/Query whenever
possible but I like the speed of TIB_DSQL especially for blobs. There
seems to be a steep learning cuvre for these components with all of
the advanced features they have. But once you have an understanding
of what to use where and when it becomes a little easier.
Stephan Anderson

--- In, "Mihai Chezan" <gsmcq@y...> wrote:
> > It is. For TIB_DSQL:
> >
> > "This component is used for all InterBase DSQL statements that do
> > not involve the handling of multiple rows of output data.
> It didn't "involve the handling of multiple rows of output data".
> It involved no output data. The select returned an empty result-set.
> If you are suggesting that by reading that explanation you
> that you will get an AV when you use a select that returns an empty
> result-set I agree with you: the help really helps.
> The problem is I didn't understand that. It must be my poor
> understanding of english language.