Subject AV when closing a form
Author Christian G├╝tter

I have got the following problem:
Closing a form with active IBO components on it which are
currently performing database operations results in an AV.
You can reproduce this easly by retrieving a large dataset
and closing the form while the retrieval is performed.

I am wondering what I could to to prevent this, i. e. to
enable IBO to finish its operations before the form is closed
or to disallow the user to close the form while IBO components
are retrieving/manipulating data.

I am looking for a generic way to do this, because I use tabs
on my forms and so there are really many IB_Queries and IB_Cursors
on it.

I have tried to iterate through all datasets on the form to determine if some
of them are working and so the closing of the form should be
disallowed, but my approaches did not work.

I would be very glad if some of you could share their experiences on


PS: I cannot use data modules because my application uses MDI.