Subject Re: [IBO] How to implement uicode support?
Author Constantijn Wolfs
constantijnw wrote:

>I want to implement unicode support using Fb 1.5.1, D7 and TIBOQuery.
>I have specified UNICODE_FSS as TIBODatabase.CharSet. Persistent
>fields of type TWideString have been created for VARCHAR fields,
>character set UNICODE_FSS.
>When I execute a select I get an error message: expecting: WideString;
>actual: String. Why?
Apparently there's no easy answer to this question.

Perhaps a more general approach: how can I use IBO accessing a Fb 1.5.1
db and delivering to TNT data-aware unicode controls?
Somewhere along the way UTF8 - WideString conversions v.v. have to be
made, but how and when?
I read that Mike Lischke implemented widestring support in IBO.