Subject Master-Detail Examples
Author chirug2003
Dear Helen

I've compiled and run both the examples you sent me.

The example using TIBOTables gives me the same problem as I
described previously.

If I enter a new Project and complete all it's fields and move
directly to the grid for Project member without posting the new
project and enter a team member for the project no problem (at this
stage neither the New Project nor the team member has been posted)
Now I move off the new team member into a new row in order to enter
a second new team member - at this stage the first new team member
attempts to automatically post - this results in a constraint error

'Violation of Foreign Key constraint INTEG-41 on table Employee-
Project' and the post fails.

If I then click on the nav bar to post the New Project - it posts
but the new team member disappears.

Your example using the TIBOQuery works better in that the new team
member and new project post correctly - but I can only enter One new
team member in the grid.

Using Delphi 7.1 FB1.5.1 IBO 4.3A