Subject Replacing IBODatabase with Ib_Connection/IB_Transaction
Author Listas HRsoft
Dear Friends
(IBO registered) / D7 / Interbase 6

I migrate an application from Paradox, and the application run Ok.
The connection is made with IBODatabase, and I want to replace
IBODatabase with Ib_Connection/IB_Transaction.
These components are in the MainForm (not in Datamodule). Delphi can
compile the application without errors, but when the application is
executed, before the create Event of the MainForm, I get an AV.
Debugging with F8, the AV is generated in IB_components (in function
TIB_Connection.GetSQLDialect: smallint;)

I modified the CreateOrder of these components (to top), withou success.
Whith the IBODatabase, no errors!

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.
Hércules Russano
HRsoft Informática - São Gonçalo - RJ - Brasil
(021) 2601-3970 - 3246-2342 <>

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