Subject TIBOQuery Not saving blobs in multi transactions
Author stephanmtb
Hi All,
I have a MDI app that brings up a regular form with a grid hooked up
to a TIBOQuery that uses a TIB_Transaction and a TIB_Connection. That
form loads a MDI form based on the selected record. The MDI form uses
a TIBOQuery and a separate TIB_Transaction but the same
TIB_Connection on the same table. I use tiCommited and
RecVersion=true and trap all deadlock errors. The problem occurs when
I edit or insert on the MDI Form. It seems the order in which (memo
or binary)blobs and non-blob fields are edited or inserted matters as
to what doesn't get saved. If I edit a blob then post and do a commit
or if AutoCommit is true then it gets saved. But if I edit a blob and
post it and then edit a non-blob and post it all is ok until I do a
commit or refresh(true) etc. and then the blob edit is not saved. If
I edit a non-blob then post and then edit a blob and post and do a
commit then the non-blob edit is not saved. I thought TIB_Connections
can support multiple transactions? Maybe just not on the same table
inside the same app at the same time? I hope I just need to tweak a
few more of the properties and not opened up a can of worms. The sql
select is very simple and basic just from the same table and no joins
or views. All works fine if I use the same transaction or post and
commit each field separatly(AutoCommit) but I need each MDI to be
able to rollback any changes.Any help would be appreciated.
Stephan Anderson