Subject RE: [IBO] Cursor unknown error -504
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:21 PM 8/08/2004 +1000, you wrote:
> > Of course. A dataset is just a "clever container". If you
> > invalidate the
> > existing statement by replacing it, it's like emptying the container and
> > then filling it with something else.
> >
> > Helen
>My question was meant to obtain the answer to:
>Just how much change can a design time query undergo before it wipes
>(empties) out the keylinks property.
>I doubt if doing a query.Update.SQL.Clear will do it... but will it?

What is that? Query.EditSQL.Clear? If that's what you're referring to,
changing the EditSQL doesn't change the structure of the set, so it doesn't
invalidate the statement. It will just cause IBO to attempt construct a
regular EditSQL statement itself, from the KeyLinks.

Query.SQL.Clear (or assigning a new string to the SQL property) does
invalidate the statement. I'm pretty sure, though, that IBO is smart
enough to retain the KeyLinks if you just change the SQLWhereItems or
SQLOrder properties.