Subject RE: [IBO] Cursor unknown error -504
Author Alan McDonald
> Why I asked about the conditions is that this error occurs when the app
> asks to fetch a row from an open cursor and the client has either
> lost the
> cursor or was unable to obtain it. The client manages open
> cursors by way
> of the cursor handle it assigns when the cursor is first opened. (We are
> talking about server-side set cursors here, not IBO's ib_cursor
> component.)
> In your conditions, it looks like the former case: the
> application had the
> handle but the connection timed out and the handle assignment was
> gone when
> the application tried to refer to it. Do you know whether the user
> reporting the error was able to go on and do something else?
> Do we have an XP box involved here? What network protocol is being
> used? If it's TCP/IP, is the server subject to being randomly assigned a
> dynamic IP address during idle time? etc. etc.
> >The app has a timer that refreshes the data displayed in a grid
> >every minute in case someone adds a new record but this doesn't seem
> >to be the cause. I put a try - except around the refresh but it
> >doesn't trap the error.
> So are you saying the error is *also* likely to occur during active usage?
> >If I knew what the error message means it might point me in the
> >right direction.
> If I understood what the error conditions really were I might be
> able to do
> more to point you there....
> Helen

Lets see what BOB says - but in my case,
No XP involved,
connection is maintained,
user can dismiss the error and continue as if nothing has happened.
It happens only infrequently when Transaction.Refresh(true) is called, and
at no other time. (if timed saves are turned on, it happens when the timer
calls this method, if timed saves are turned off, it happens when the user
hits the save button which calls this method.)