Subject [IBO] Re: Master detail problem when lenght of the link field is more than 25 chars
Author Mihai Chezan
> Change the the foreign key column's identifier to be 24 characters
> or less.
Thank you. That was the answer that I was looking for.

Why am I insisting on this?
Because I consider this to be a bug and I think it should be taken
into consideration and fixed in a new version.
Why is this a bug?
When I set the MasterLinks I get no warning/error but when I run the
program I get an exception with the error message:
"FieldName: MLNK_.........._0 not found".
Who generates the "MLNK_.........._0" field? IBO does.
So if this is an ibo limitation then just check the input parameters
(at design time when I set the MasterLinks) and if they are wrong give
me a message so I understand the problem.
A better fix would be to not have this limitation at all: just don't
generate a parameter that is longer than 32 chars.
Why does ibo have to generate the name for the parameter like this:
Why not generate names like Param1, Param2, .....
If it must keep a mapping then do it in ibo:
"Param1" - field name "Field_name_1"
"Param2" - .....

I consider the second approach better (not having the limitation)
since you can't always modify the names of your fields.
And having this limitation is like saying: you can link two datasets
in a master detail relation (using the MasterLinks) only if the link
field identifier from the child dataset is less than 25 chars in

ps: just done some more tets and...
If I use an IB_Query with a parameter longer than 32 chars it works:
select * from table1 where id=:123456789_123456789_123456789_123456789
So it seems that ibo doesn't have the 32 limitation.
If in my test case at design time I prepare the qrPerson and I
manually set the "MLNK_ID_DEP_123456789_123456789_0" parameter and
then I open the query it works. So why doesn't works at runtime?
So this must be a bug.