Subject Re: [IBO] Focus of TIB_Datasource
Author Christian G├╝tter
Hi Helen,

thanks for your answer.
I guess you read my mail to quickly, because

you wrote:

> Yes, read the IB_Session.FocusedDatasource property of any
> TIB_Component. It returns a TDatasource object, so you can refer
> generically to the properties of the focused datasource.

but I had written:

>>I use the AnnounceFocus method of TIB_Datasource and the
>>TIB_Session.FocusedDataSource property to do some stuff
>>which needs to know which Datasource is currently active.

As you see, I am already using the IB_Session.FocusedDatasource
property. I am looking for a global event which is fired when the
focus of a datasource is changed to a new one.

Do you know where I can find this?