Subject Re: [IBO] AV on 95 machine
Author Daniel Rail

At August 4, 2004, 13:28, Ed Dressel wrote:

> I have a user with a Win 95 machine that is getting an AV with the
> following stack (stack comes from madExcept):

> 00ed8f49 IBO40CRT_D7.BPL Ib_components TIB_Connection.API_Connect
> 00ed7438 IBO40CRT_D7.BPL Ib_components TIB_Connection.SysConnect
> 00ed4c81 IBO40CRT_D7.BPL Ib_components TIB_Connection.Connect
> 00ed4d6d IBO40CRT_D7.BPL Ib_components TIB_Connection.Open
> 006afeca TRAK.EXE Master TfrmTRAKMaster.SetDataPath
> ...

> the database config seems to be correct--anything I might look at?

Make sure Winsock version 2 is installed. And, that you have the
correct gds32.dll.

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