Subject IB_Connection - Best way to disconnect
Author Peter Chaisty

I have several timers running which refresh grids after calling stored
procedures to update tables to show current stock status etc.
If stock is low a re-order is activated.

The problem comes sometimes when I come to disconnect the
IB_Connection, currently I use IB_Connection.ForceDisconnect this very
occasionally cause row fetch errors to be raised.
I have tried using an in-timer Flag and not disconnecting until I know
the timer code has finished running by looking at the flag but this
doesn't really seem to help, I suspect the fetches are still going on
after the timer has exited.

My question is

1/ What is the difference between IB_Connection.Disconnect and

2/ Is there a way to know fron the IB_Connection component if any
fetches are in progress so I can wait until activity has ceased before

Just to clarify the database is a local one and is connected nearly
all the time.