Subject IBO and multiuser environment - problem
Author aleskahanek
try to imagine following situation:

User1 and User2 open the same query in a form which display the same
record. User1 edits Field_A, posts and commits changes. Everything is
OK for now.

User2 is still viewing his copy of record, but this copy is the old
one without changes of the User1. Then he decides to change this
record, clicks to the TIB_Edit (or TIB_Memo, TIB_Grid, ...) and
starts typing some text. Even if the IB_Query.BufferSynchroFlags is
set to [bsBeforeEdit], the text in the TIB_Edit control stays the old
one and after posting and committing the changes of the User1 are
overriden and that is wrong.

The refresh before editing (IB_Query.BufferSynchroFlags =
[bsBeforeEdit]) is working, because other controls are properly
refreshed, the only exception is the focused control, that preserves
the old content.

Does anybody similar experience? How to avoid this?

Many thanks for any hints
Ales Kahanek