Subject Re: [IBO] Newbie Indexes and TIBOTable
Author Aage Johansen
chirug2003 wrote:
> I'm converting from a Paradox application to a Firebird based
> application therefore using TIBOTable and TDataset compatible
> IBObjects mainly to maintain compatability with InfoPower.
> I have a large lookup table containing all the Canandian Postal
> codes. It has 3 fields - the Postal code, City and Province
> about 700,000 records.
> The primary key is the Postal code - and is also indexed on that
> field.
> When using TIBOTable.PostalCode table as a lookup and IP lookupcombo
> the look up on the postal code field is VERY slow (and I'm not even
> working over a network yet). Is it possible that a sequential
> search is taking place? What properties do I have to set in the
> TIBOTable component to ensure that the index on the Postal Code
> field is being used in the search?
> I've checked the Indexxxx properties in the help files but am not
> sure how to setup or which properties to use

Try to make this one a "Query based" lookup (instead of "Table based") -
see whether the performance is better this way.

Aage J.