Subject Newbie Indexes and TIBOTable
Author chirug2003
I'm converting from a Paradox application to a Firebird based
application therefore using TIBOTable and TDataset compatible
IBObjects mainly to maintain compatability with InfoPower.

I have a large lookup table containing all the Canandian Postal
codes. It has 3 fields - the Postal code, City and Province
about 700,000 records.

The primary key is the Postal code - and is also indexed on that

When using TIBOTable.PostalCode table as a lookup and IP lookupcombo
the look up on the postal code field is VERY slow (and I'm not even
working over a network yet). Is it possible that a sequential
search is taking place? What properties do I have to set in the
TIBOTable component to ensure that the index on the Postal Code
field is being used in the search?

I've checked the Indexxxx properties in the help files but am not
sure how to setup or which properties to use

Thank you