Subject Re: How to maintain coherence between 2 databases
Author Mihai Chezan
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> What is the best strategy with IBObject?
> 1) having 2 local databases (one before modification and one after,
> compare the 2 and create queries to update
> 2) use of a table of modification witch key is tableName, keyName,
> keyValue
> 3) another solution
> ....
I don't know what is the best strategy with IBObject, but I can say
what I've used for a POS (point of sale) system (the clients on linux,
kylix, no ibo, a central server, sync over http - client sends and
gets updates from the server over http, on the server a servlet serves
the clients).
Triggers on every table from the local db. Triggers look something
like this:
trigger on table aaa after insert
- insert into tblog 'execute procedure aaa_ins_sync new_values'
trigger on table aaa after update
- insert into tblog 'execute procedure aaa_upd_sync new_values'
trigger on table aaa after delete
- insert into tblog 'execute procedure aaa_del_sync old_key'

When you want to do the sync take all from tblog, compress it (you can
get very good compression on text) and sent it to the server where
it's executed. I used procedures because my replication logic is a
little bit more complicated. If you just want simple replication then
replace the procedures with the insert/update/delete sql.

On the other hand I know there are some replication tools made for
interbase so if your replication is simple maybe you could use those

ibo seems to have some tools for replication too (TIB_RPL_Meta,
TIB_RPL_Sync) but I didn't used them (and the help doesn't say much).

> b) transfert a file for updating (not as easy to solve dual
> updating on local and server database of the same data)
Solved at the application logic.