Subject Stored Procedures & Grids?
Author Myles Wakeham
I am new to IBObjects, but I was encouraged to find out how easy it is to
connect to a Firebird database, and execute a query, with results
automatically populated into a grid object on a form. Fantastic! The tools
provided for this are awesome!

Now I tried to do this with a stored procedure, as all of my interfacing
with the database is done through SPs and I can't seem to get the grid tool
to populate with the results of a stored procedure that returns just like a
SELECT statement (ie. Many rows returned). I was able to get it to
automatically populate for a single record per form page (ie. Fields showing
vertically down the form), but I can't find the grid tool that I should use
to show a grid style list of rows retrieved. What's the secret?

Myles Wakeham
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