Subject RE: [IBO] Computed field causing slowdown
Author Jason Wharton
When you say computed, will you please clarify exactly what you mean?
It could be a calculated field that you do the value in code or it could be
an actual COMPUTED column defined in the database. My guess is either way
isn't going to be very ideal if you are doing a sub-select for each record.
Perhaps there is something else you can do for a solution.

Jason Wharton

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From: Joe Martinez [mailto:joe@...]
Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2004 11:29 AM
To: IB Objects
Subject: [IBO] Computed field causing slowdown

I added a computed field to my Firebird table, which is a select into
another table. I added the field to my TIBOTable object with the Fields
Editor, then added a TDBText field to my form to display the value in the

I noticed that now, when I scroll through the records in the table, there
is a noticeable delay going from one record to the next, where the SQL
hourglass appears. For me, it's about 1/4 second, but some of my customers
are reporting a 2-3 second delay.

So, I tried removing the TDBText field from the form, and also removing the
field from the TIBOTable object, but the delay still appears. It seems
that just having the field exist in the Firebird table causes the slowdown.

So, is IBO still somehow pulling that field from Firebird, even though it's
not in the TIBOTable?

Is there any way around this? Can I get my speed back up, without
completely eliminating the computed field from the Firebird table?

I'm using IBO 4.2Gc with BCB 4, Firebird 1.0, dialect 1 database.