Subject Weird table interaction
Author Joe Martinez
I wasn't sure if this belonged here or in the Firebird-Support list. I'm
not sure if this is caused by Firebird or IBO.

I have 2 tables in my database, say TableA and TableB. There is no
relationship between the two tables. (well, there is business-wise, but
nothing set up in the database)

TableA has a computed field (which is a select from a third table, say TableC).
Table B has NO computed fields.

Now, I create an application, and drop a TIBODatabase and two TIBOTable
objects on the form. The two TIBOTables are assigned to the TIBODatabase,
to TableA and TableB. I also add some buttons to connect to the database
and open the tables.

Now, if I connect to the database, then open the TIBOTable for TableB, it
opens almost instantaneously. I can then open TableA also, and it also
opens very quickly (maybe a 1-second delay).

However, if I open TableA first, THEN open TableB.... TableB takes about
10 seconds to open. This happens consistently. TableB only has the delay
opening if I open TableA first.

Now, if I DROP the computed field from TableA, the problem
disappears. TableB opens almost instantaneously, even if I open TableA
first. Also, this problem only occurs when I connect to a remote database
on another machine. If I do a local connection, the problem doesn't occur.

I don't understand why TableA being open affects the opening speed of
TableB, especially since there are no foreign keys or other relationships
between the two tables. It also seems strange that the speed of opening
TableA is fine, with or without the computed field, but a completely
different table (TableB) is affected so strongly.

Here are my config details:
Windows XP Professional
C++ Builder 4
Firebird 1.0
IBO 4.3 Aa (though it occurs on 4.2 Gc also)
Dialect 1 database