Subject Re: [IBO] Books\ documentation
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:10 AM 13/07/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Does anyone know of good books/documentation on firebird and IB

For Firebird, currently, in this order:

1. LangRef.pdf (a volume from the IB 6 beta docs, from downloads/InterBase
page at; or Google for it)
2. Firebird Quick Start Guide (v. 1 from IBPhoenix main downloads page,
v.1.5 upcoming in Firebird project docs)
3. Firebird 1.0 release notes (in the binary kit, or download separately
from IBPhoenix)
4. Firebird 1.5 release notes (in the kit, or download separately from IBP)
5. The Firebird Book, currently being printed, available next week or the
week after. 1112 pages, $59.99 USD. Order through the IBPhoenix site (IBP
will be getting the first drop from the publishers)

1. Getting Started with IB Objects ("the GSG"), purchase from (basic concepts, assumes database and Delphi or
BCB knowledge)
2. The help files (Delphi/BCB help, IBO helpfile)
3. Tech Info sheets at
4. The online FAQ
5. This list - threaded archives at news://, newsgroup is